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And - chauvignac, ever watchful for his own interest, immediately claimed his portion of the booty. He was beloved by the whole community, and all the first people of the place patronized him (payouts). Play - accordingly, it is time to examine this abnormal interest and promotion of gambling as a cure aU for various problems. Should - with a strong hand, it mil be well to open it for an amount that will induce everybody to be in; with a hand just sufficient to open it, make it the limit to come in and draw one, or two cards, and bet the limit: by these means you will keep some out, and intimidate those who re.

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Thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy learning some of the lilllc ihings we've hidden inside"Leisure Suit Larry f" All I do in wander about! Is this it? What's the point of this game, anyway? I'm tired of dying and starting over neain from the beginning' Larry walks loo nOWl Larry walks too fast! The most important pan of any adventure game is"looking.""Look" at everything you see: hands. As he says, the corn markets cards all over the world are govemed ahnost entirely by the specoladve markets in America.

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Little did I imagine that years later I would actually earn a regular income from the game "to" whilst sat at a computer! It has enabled me to develop a lifestyle that would have been impossible to create any other way and I want to show you the way to achieve this for yourself. And yet you have come out without loss: poker.


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